FAQ Questions and Answers:

Your subscription can easily be cancelled at any time from your online account. Which is accessible from the Setup button on the PostTrans toolbar. Pressing View Your Account and click Cancel link, will cancel the next subscription. You can re-enable this using the same options at any time.

Very easy, simply download, and run the install program. Then Next everything The next time you run Excel the PostTrans toolbar will appear. Download PostTrans for Xero

Closed Excel. Simply go to windows control panel, type "uninstall" in search box. Select Uninstall Select "PostTrans ..." from the list windows uninstall list, and press uninstall button.

It is very simple to upgrade. Simply go to the PostTrans Toolbar, and press Setup Then press the button in the middle of the window Check for updates This will show any updates for your current version of Sage, and offer any releases for newer versions of Sage Opting to Install Updates will download and apply updates. Any other users on a network will be asked to upgrade next time they open Excel. Simple.

Yes, simply go to the PostTrans program group, in the Windows Start menu, and select Enable or Disable PostTrans in Excel

The install must be run under the User Windows Account, NOT admin. If run as admin PostTrans will be installed for Admin and not the user. PostTrans should not need Admin rights to install

See blog Troubleshooting – PostTrans Option does not appear in Excel

Excel - PostTrans for Xero will work with any version of Excel, including 32 bit or 64 bit version, since Excel 2000.

Please see Download PostTrans for Xero for more information.

PostTrans for Xero has a local cache of all static data , Tax, Accounts, Contacts and Product items to give optimal performance during the validation of Transactions before posting them to Xero. The cache, and update settings can be accessed from the Cache button on the toolbar
PostTrans imports 50 Transactions at a time for optimal performance. Indeed, it is faster than some rival on premises accounting systems.